Reasons SSD Benefits Are Denied

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While millions of people apply for Social Security Disability benefits every year, a large majority of these claims will be denied initially. The reality is that many do not understand how complex the claims process is.

In many cases, the denials are usually due to technical reasons or an error in your paperwork. Working with a disability lawyer can help you minimize these inaccuracies and maximize your chances of approval.

Common reasons you may be denied SSD benefits:

  • Insufficient medical evidence: If you do not provide enough medical proof to show that your condition prevents you from working, then your application may be denied. It is important to discuss with your doctor how your condition will affect your ability to work, and include these notes in your medical records.
  • Not following the prescribed treatment: If you are not following treatment that your doctor has prescribed without a valid reason, then this shows a lack of cooperation and may lead to a denial.
  • Your medical condition is not severe enough: SSD benefits are for conditions that last more than a year. If your disability is expected to improve in a short amount of time, you may not qualify to receive benefits.
  • You make too much income: If you are working and have income that exceeds the allowed substantial gainful activity allowance limit ($1,130 for 2016), then you may not be eligible for disability benefits. While you are allowed to work part-time, you should be mindful of your total earnings.
  • The Social Security Administration can't reach you: When you relocate or change your phone number, you may forget to update it with the agency. If the agency cannot reach you to discuss your claim, then there is a large chance that you will be denied.

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